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introducing ::: Clara Ann

We are thrilled to introduce Clara Ann!

Clara was born at 8:46 on Tuesday, February 24…she weighed in at 6 lb, 11 oz and 19 inches long! 

Her birth story is the complete opposite of what I had planned…but is one that I am really proud of!  I will share the story soon since I don’t want to forget any of the crazy details!

For now, we are enjoying time with our sweet little bundle, and adjusting to life with two big kids and one little babe.  We are so thankful for a safe delivery, healthy baby, and the beautiful family that we have been blessed with!


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weekend fun.

Friday afternoon I decided to give “no naps” a whirl since the kids have been little stinkers at bed time lately, so that meant that Saturday we had a “long” day to do a lot of fun stuff…

The kids and Greg went to the gym and I stayed home to clean in hopes of evicting the baby {no such luck}…then after everyone got cleaned up for the day, we headed out for lunch out, a Costco run, and a visit to grandma and grandpas to play and have dinner!



Kids barely kept their eyes open on the way home, but way fewer shenanigans at bedtime. Win!

On Sunday, however, everyone woke up crabby….so after church and lunch we all took a nap. Glorious! Aunt Ede stopped by for a visit, I ran a few errands, and we spent the evening playing!

Solid weekend. Can’t believe it’s already Monday! Hope you all had a great one!

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So. Cold. So. Pregnant

This week has been so cold!

Like so cold that I have preferred to stay home {which is usually not the case} because the thought of loading the kids up in this cold, and lugging around my big old belly {which is currently too big to be covered by my maternity coat} just sounds annoying.

So we have stayed in with the exception of a few errands to keep us from going totally insane.

We have been doing a lot of this….






And this….





In other news I am now 39 weeks pregnant. That’s a long time to be pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful this baby has cooperated, but having a watermelon attached to my belly is really doing a number on my back.


I am officially too big for most of my maternity clothes…so I am rotating leggings and tank tops….basically I have 2 outfits that I “spice up” with a shirt that buttons at least one time {or I wear my husbands gym shorts with a way too small shirt}. I am also to the point that nearly everywhere I go people are talking about “how soon till baby??” ….either to my face or under their breath. Strangers are advising me to “stay close to home” and the like.



Like I said, I am thankful to be at this stage in the pregnancy, but I am also more than ready to meet this little nugget. Come on, baby!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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embrace the camera.

You think that since I am pregnant and seem to go to the bathroom so often that I would be getting a ton of alone time these days….



Usually as soon as I get to the bathroom, it’s a few seconds later that I hear feet and before I know it we are having a full blown party in there.

Gotta love the company 😉

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one word wednesday

{toddler} nesting


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picture perfect

I have been lucky to capture a few great photos of the kids lately….which gives people the impression that the kids are super photogenic and love the camera. It’s actually not the case at all.

They will smile and say “cheese” these days {only waited 2 years for that} but usually their “cheese” face is scrunchy and silly AND usually the photo is a blur because they are wiggling around. Kind of like this…




But between a mixture of bribery and hilarious jokes and a sweet app on my phone {superburst} which takes a gazillion photos at a time, I have been able to get a few photos that are really sweet!


Out of the 500 some photos I took {literally-that’s how quickly this app snaps photos}, I got 5-6 I super like. Picture perfect, right?

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weekend fun

This weekend was COLD!

We did a little Valentine celebrating with pink and heart shaped items…we stayed in and played/ran laps around the living room {literally}…we went grocery shopping…we were crossing our fingers for baby’s arrival and continued the wait!








Hoping this week brings warmer temps and a sweet little cuddly babe!


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