pasta pasta

Our kids aren’t very experienced in the “structured activity” department. Since they are home with me every day, we spend most of our time doing free play. I have started wondering about getting them to do more structured activity so that when they start preschool (when that will be is to be determined) it’s not quite as shocking.

Not every day, but most days our afternoons are the time to do these activities. Mornings are filled with going to the gym, or one of my mom groups, or running errands plus lots of free play. Then after nap we have a chunk of time to try a structured activity.

The activity we have been doing this week involves dyed pasta noodles and sorting!


They both have taken different approaches to this activity (which is rather amusing to see) but it’s been something we can sit and do for a good half hour which is nice!



We shall see what I can get them to sit and do next week, but for now, rainbow pasta is a win!



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