How Are the Big Kids Doing?!

Lots of people have been asking about how Joshua and Sophia {aka the Big Kids} are doing….

Well.  Really well, actually!

They met Clara in the hospital and both kids were excited but Sophia was definitely more into Clara Baby…

And when we got home that trend continued.  In fact, Josbua was relatively nervous around Clara….if she would cry or make too much noise he would get really worried, and he didn’t really want to touch her or hold her.  He talked about her a lot and the idea of her he liked, but the real live living Clara was a lot for him.  Sophia on the other hand was in 7th Heaven!  She was having a blast holding and kissing and talking about baby Clara…

The first few days home went well and I was really pleased that they hadn’t gone crazy as many people say their kids do upon bringing home a new one…

And then around day 4 or 5….they turned into really whiney and clingy and stinker children.   It was a rough few days and I wondered “what in the world have we done to our sweet and fun children??!”

Thank goodness it didn’t last long and the kids returned to their mostly happy selves!  This does not mean that things have been perfect, but at least it’s been fun to be around the big kids again :). 

And as time has gone on, it’s been fun to see Joshua warm up to our little Clara and Sophia continue to love on her little sissy!

Having a baby in the house makes the big kids seem just that…big!  In fact I often joke about how it feels like I am holding a teenage boy when I hold joshua now…and the once “petite” baby Sophia feels so old and mature!  

And finally today my big boy wanted to hold baby!  Such a sweet moment!  And Sophia, well she doesn’t stop asking to hold Clara 🙂

The kids are loud and run around the house fast and make a mess and generally make the house less peaceful than desirable for a bitty baby, but they love Clara and i am so so so excited to see how they love on her as she gets bigger and more “exciting”. 


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