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I get that breast feeding is an ideal way to provide food for your baby.  But ideal is the key word.  For many people it doesn’t happen easily, or for whatever reason, it makes most sense for them to give their baby formula.

With the big kids, they had formula from the beginning.  I just didn’t have the supply to fully feed both babies breast milk.  And after 7 months they went to completely formula when I realized that sleeping was really important and pumping every 3 hours just wasn’t working {breast feeding never worked long term with them}…

And guess what?  The big kids are happy, healthy kiddos who had some breast milk, but more formula.

With Clara, breast feeding has been much easier, and I haven’t had any issues with supply.  BUT, we have decided to give her some formula…and it honestly feels like a huge victory.  To some breast feeding moms it may feel like a failure to dip into that formula can…but not here.  

It has been really hard feeling that I am the only one that can feed her…and if we wanted to give her a bottle that I had to find more time to sit and pump…the idea of giving her a bottle is to free up some of time, not add another thing.  

Clara has been pretty particular about bottles and only wanting freshly pumped breast milk….and refusing formula when we tried…so last night when we tried again on a whim and she happily took almost 4 oz I was shocked and elated!  And imagine my excitement when she did it again this morning!!!

I am so thankful I can breastfeed Clara, I really am…but I am equally thankful for the option of formula here and there.  Now…who wants an overnight shift??!  🙂

PS.  Just to clear things up…Greg IS wearing shorts in that picture even though it appears he is not!   


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weekend fun!

Between a few big toddler tantrums and meltdowns, we had a nice weekend!  Greg took off a half day on Friday so we had an extra four hours together this weekend!  

We ran some errands to get stuff for gardening {a project I am hoping we tackle successfully this summer}…we had pizza night…I ran to a mom 2 mom sale and found some goodies for the kids…we planted our flowers (inside of course since it was cold on Saturday)…we tried some new activities with Clara…we had a visit from Aunt Carolina and grandma…we played…we had a visit from Aunt Ede….some time with the big kids…some time with just baby Clara…the list goes on!  It was a full weekend but we tucked those kiddos into bed on Sunday evening and everyone had smiles on their faces; the best way to end a weekend!

Now for a bunch of photos!  

Flower planting!  We also plan to do a small garden out back!




Our family’s love language is donut eating …


Big girl Clara …




Big kid time on a nature hike…



Clara time after J and S were tucked into bed 🙂



And off we go with a new week!  Count down till next weekend 🙂 

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Clara Ann :: 2 Months

Well.  I started a 1 month post…a month ago…and it never got finished.  So here are a few pics, instead….
Onto Month 2…


Schedule??!  What schedule?  Little lady calls the shots and it’s driving me mildly crazy!  The big kids were scheduled from the get go, but Clara is very “on demand”…very much looking forward to when I can predict things a bit more 🙂


Typically Clara eats every 2-3 hours during the day.  Sometimes more often in the evenings…and overnight she usually goes 3-4 hours between feelings.  Girlfriend loves to eat and her double chin shows it!  

She is hit or miss with bottles but tolerating them a little more; still not enough that I would feel comfortable going far.


Usually Clara is awake for 1.5-2 hours before she is ready for a nap.  Her naps range from 2 minutes to 2 or 2.5 hours, but we typically get a good morning nap out of her and then the rest is still a mystery!  She is usually sleeping in her swing for naps and the co-sleeper/cuddled with mama at night.  I think we have about another month or two before I will start being concerned with forming bad habits….at this point it’s survival :).  5 hours was the longest stretch she slept at night and it only happened once.  Come on girlfriend; mama is TIRED!


  • Bouncing
  • Talking and watching big sister and brother 
  • Batting at the toys on her bouncy chair and playmat
  • The sound of running water
  • Eating


  • Being hungry
  • Being cold
  • The car seat (though this is getting slightly better)
  • Her reflux meds


  • We went on a road trip to Indiana for a wedding and to see Gregs family!  Needless to say she got plenty of attention that weekend and Greg and I had our first taste of “only one child” parenting 
  • She has had Grandma V and Aunt Ede babysit her
  • Rolling over (on accident)
  • Survived her first fire alarm (they were testing the alarms at church)

She’s getting so big!  We love our fiesty babe so much!



Happy 2 months baby Clara!

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embrace the camera

love  + love + love


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airport rendezvous 

Some good friends from Minnesota happened to be flying through Detroit Metro Airport with a three hour layover….so we planned a little rendezvous!

I packed the kids up and we met Greg for dinner by the airport {which is on his way home from work}….we comfortably ate our dinner as we listened to planes flying overhead…

We were having a grand old time when Greg looked at me and said “you may want to flip your shirt inside out when we get to the car…” I looked on my shoulder and assumed I had spit up…much to my surprise I didn’t see any…hmmm.


Then he explained my shirt was indeed inside out.  Ahhhh.  Nice job noticing, hubby!
We got to the airport and the kids put on their cute little backpacks {I filled them with activities in case the kids had toddler meltdowns due to staying up much later than normal} and we made our way to Ticketing where we planned to meet our friends!
And let me tell you….this outing was a major success!  The big kids went bananas watching the airplanes and trucks and cars …and Clara was happily bounced to sleep!







It is so good {for everyone} to get out and do things…especially when everyone is in a pleasant mood!  

I still found myself sitting on the floor of the van feeding the baby on two occasions and changed at least two diapers there, too…but it was a fun little adventure!  

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weekend fun

This weekend sailed by.  

Saturday wasn’t the best day in terms of toddler behavior.  Meltdowns and tantrums.  Aye.  But we survived and Sunday was a much better day!  Parenting is quite the job.  I’m still confused why no one handed us a parenting manual when we brought our children home from the hospital…we’re just supposed to figure it out?!!!  But that’s another topic of discussion. 

As for this weekend!  Saturday was actually quite warm, but Sunday cooled down.  We spent a lot of time both days outside…playing on our neighbors play structure, riding scooters, creating chalk art!   I also spent a lot of time doing laundry….somewhere between 8-10 loads!  What!  5 people worth of clothes plus bed linens, etc.  Not to mention cloth diaper laundry!  Wow! Aunt Ede also came over to spend some time with baby Clara so we could take the big kids to dinner and give them our full attention!  So nice to do that! 

And here is a photo dump of our weekend (mostly Sunday since Saturday wasn’t quite as enjoyable ;))



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Color Hunt

I saw a stack of construction paper that fell on the ground and it was super faded…use for scissor practice?  Toss in recycling?  Save for a project?

I was too lazy to pick it up and take it back to its original location….so I picked it up, grabbed a few pieces and tossed the rest.  


Then I got the kids all excited about going on a color HUNT…oooo, so fun!

Because of their age, and competitiveness with each other, we only hunted for one color at a time.  



They did this almost 100% on their own.  I think I showed them an example for the first two colors but otherwise it was their doing!  I did have a little color police {Joshua}, who told sister that the white book could NOT go on the red paper because it was WHITE…even though there was red lettering….oh to be 2.5 🙂



And here is our finished color hunt…



Must do this again with some new colors!  Fun, easy, and it entertained for a good while! 

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