embrace the camera.


In all jobs/careers there are challenges and triumphs…being a stay at home mom is no different.

When I was a teacher I got to dress up in cute, trendy outfits and my students often told me I was “so stylish….”

As a full time mama I wear sweats and spit up stained shirts and my kids often tell me I am “so pretty…”

When I was a teacher I had a big desk, where everything was organize and put away…

As a stay at home mama my “work space” is piles of laundry, stacks of toys, a sink full of dishes…

When I was a teacher I got showered with drawings and notes of appreciate and gifts at the holidays…

As a stay at home mama I get showered in kisses and hugs and tantrums and arguments and cuddles and unconditional love.

I did love being a teacher {well, you know…for the most part}

But man, do I fiercely love being a mama.  It is hands down THE HARDEST JOB I have ever done.  But it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT job I have ever done.  

I am blessed that this is my current calling!  


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  1. Debbie Ventura

    Beautifully written! There will be plenty of time for YOU in your future. For now relish the time you have doing what you are doing! I can’t believe I have been ‘working’ outside the home for over 20 years already!

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