weekend fun

This weekend sailed by.  

Saturday wasn’t the best day in terms of toddler behavior.  Meltdowns and tantrums.  Aye.  But we survived and Sunday was a much better day!  Parenting is quite the job.  I’m still confused why no one handed us a parenting manual when we brought our children home from the hospital…we’re just supposed to figure it out?!!!  But that’s another topic of discussion. 

As for this weekend!  Saturday was actually quite warm, but Sunday cooled down.  We spent a lot of time both days outside…playing on our neighbors play structure, riding scooters, creating chalk art!   I also spent a lot of time doing laundry….somewhere between 8-10 loads!  What!  5 people worth of clothes plus bed linens, etc.  Not to mention cloth diaper laundry!  Wow! Aunt Ede also came over to spend some time with baby Clara so we could take the big kids to dinner and give them our full attention!  So nice to do that! 

And here is a photo dump of our weekend (mostly Sunday since Saturday wasn’t quite as enjoyable ;))




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