weekend fun!

Between a few big toddler tantrums and meltdowns, we had a nice weekend!  Greg took off a half day on Friday so we had an extra four hours together this weekend!  

We ran some errands to get stuff for gardening {a project I am hoping we tackle successfully this summer}…we had pizza night…I ran to a mom 2 mom sale and found some goodies for the kids…we planted our flowers (inside of course since it was cold on Saturday)…we tried some new activities with Clara…we had a visit from Aunt Carolina and grandma…we played…we had a visit from Aunt Ede….some time with the big kids…some time with just baby Clara…the list goes on!  It was a full weekend but we tucked those kiddos into bed on Sunday evening and everyone had smiles on their faces; the best way to end a weekend!

Now for a bunch of photos!  

Flower planting!  We also plan to do a small garden out back!




Our family’s love language is donut eating …


Big girl Clara …




Big kid time on a nature hike…



Clara time after J and S were tucked into bed 🙂



And off we go with a new week!  Count down till next weekend 🙂 


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