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Clara Ann :: 3 months

I kind of forgot how foggy and hard the first few months of having a baby can be…especially with an additional two toddlers.  And I also forgot how it all seems to get a little more manageable overnight.  We were happy to welcome month 3 and bid {most} of the newborn fog goodbye!


Truthfully we were still schedule-less until a few days before Clara turned 3 months.  That’s when another mama friend came to visit.  She helped me brainstorm and talk out ideas to get this little baby girl into a more predictable routine.  And guess what??!!  It worked and Clara now has a pretty predictable day!  She eats every 3 hours {usually starting at 7 or 7:30}….then she plays…and about 1.5 hours later she is down for a nap.  This plays on repeat all day.  It’s amazing how much this changes things; I’m not guessing anymore.  Clara’s day typically looks like this:













7:00–last feeding/bed


This has changed a lot in the last month.  We have gone from on demand breast feeding to mostly all bottle feeding pumped breast milk.  I was finding that Clara was just snacking all day long, never getting totally full, and thus not sleeping well.  When I can “control” the amount she eats, ounce wise, she seems much happier and I am much more available for the big kids.  This route takes much more work, but everyone is happiest this way so it’s worth it!  She is eating 3-5 oz per feeding during the day and before bed she eats between 4-6 oz.  


Hallelujah we have made some major strides in this department!  I think sleep was connected to eating and we are so thankful for the improvements. Clara typically naps 3 times a day for about 1.5 hours each nap.  Some days a nap is shorter, but she seems to get through two 45 minute sleep cycles before waking.  Sometimes, longer.  In addition to her feedings helping her sleep, we also got a “Baby Merlins Magic Sleep Suit”…it is a miracle worker!  She didn’t like to be swaddled but would startle awake without being swaddled.  So we found this sleep suit that is padded and helps keep her from startling awake, thus sleeping much better.  At night she is usually sleeping between 6-8 hours after her bedtime bottle, she wakes to eat and then goes back down for another 4-6 hours, totaling about 12 hours at night.  Clara also is known to be laid down wide awake and to soothe and fall asleep on her own.  We had to “teach” the big kids how to do this, but little miss Clara is already doing it on her own.  How did we luck out?  She is doing so great!!!


  • Playing on her playmat 
  • Hanging out outside
  • Big brother and especially big sissy
  • Kisses
  • Peak a BOO!


  • Washing under her chin
  • Being hungry
  • Some car rides 
  • Getting dressed


  • Enjoying a visit from one of mama’s MN friends 
  • Celebrating Mother’s Day 
  • Going to Uncle Tony’s surprise party




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one word wednesday



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down on the farm

We have a really great petting farm pretty close to our house.  After my sister took the kids and they had such a great time, I was itching to go myself.  So, last week we went (and met up with cousin Lucas) and it was a blast!  The kids love all the animals and it’s a great space to be outside!  I decided to get a year membership so we will be feeding and petting animals all year long 🙂


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weekend fun!

A long weekend is always the best kind of weekend!  We spent the weekend working on potty training, playing outside, going to a parade, and lots of other fun things!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


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We have some {not so pretty} landscaping in the front of our house.  The kids LOVE it!  It’s their “jungle” and they spend many afternoons roaming around In the trees and bushes!  It’s fun to hear them talking about the jungle and what they see and feel…

Here is Joshua leading the pack with his trusty broom…just in case!

Keep exploring kids!   

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weekend fun

I haven’t been on the blog in a while.  Or at least it feels like that.  But I am completely unaware of days and time, so maybe it was just yesterday that I blogged, but I already forgot.  

In any case.  This weekend!  It was a great weekend! 

We spent Friday evening as a family…eating pizza {cause…Friday, hello!} and then Saturday the kids went to grandma and grandpas house and had a blast!  Greg and I were home with Clara and took turns getting stuff around the house done…lawn maintenance, cleaning, laundry, etc…but we also had a chance to go for a walk with baby Clara, and even get out for dinner and errands solo {thank you Aunt Ede for taking Clara!!!}

Sunday we met the kids and my parents for brunch and then home for the afternoon to play!  

Here are a few pictures that I managed to snap over the weekend…


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summer motto

typically it drives me nuts when things are dirty…including my kids…but since having baby Clara, that’s been thrown out the window.  Who has time to clean when you have a baby who wants to eat 3.45 mins after you last fed her?  And even more…who has time to clean when the baby sleeps?!  Not me!  

However just because my house is not nearly as tidy as I would like, I still try to keep the kids relatively clean.  Wash hands, and if baths don’t happen, a spot clean with a baby wipe does the trick! 

But since we have been outside enjoying the Spring {Summer-like} weather I have noticed an increasing amount of dirt and grime that I find on my kids!   At first I was all, “be careful…watch the mud…your clothes!!!!” And then a light went off…

And that’s when my summer motto came to be:  

The dirtier, the better 

Know why?  Cause when the kids are good and dirty, it means they have had fun, they have explored, they have learned, they have giggled, and they have been carefree!  AND…it means I have let go of some control and just let them be kids!

Now if we are about to go to church or dinner out, I am not going to be telling them to jump in a mud puddle, so you know….the dirtier, the better…within reason 🙂

But Clara?!  She can stay nice and clean…for a little while yet 🙂


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