kids’ first sleep over

The big kids have had many sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, but they have never stayed elsewhere.  
This past weekend my sister and brother in law graciously offered to take the kids for an afternoon and overnight!  The kids were so excited to go over and Aunt Ede and Uncle James did not disappoint!

They went to a petting farm, had a yummy dinner, did baths and had lots of fun reading books!


Not only was this sleepover a first, but it was also the first time they have shared a bed since they were 2 months old….and shared a room since they were about 10 months old!  I was so curious to know how they would do…would they be silly?  Would they snuggle right up together?  

My sister gave me the play by play…the kids were very silly at first, then Joshy fell asleep, then eventually Fia tired out and joined him!  So sweet to see them snuggled up.  

Note:  Joshua told Ede the next morning that Fia kicked him very hard at night 🙂


Meanwhile we got a taste of what it feels like to have one baby….


The kids even had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast…


I would say it was a pretty successful overnight 🙂


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