preschool visit

Joshua and Sophia will be starting part time preschool in the fall.  Greg and I went to tour the school in the spring, and instantly fell in love; But we hadn’t taken the kids in to visit until this week!

The school is on summer vacation but when I called to ask a few questions, the admin staff graciously invited and welcomed us to come check out the room, let the kids play, and get acquainted with this thing called “preschool.” 

As we went in, we were greeted by a secretary and as I was chatting with her, I looked over and the kids were already running to the room.  They were not hesitant at all!  It made me happy ….and a little sad.  They didn’t NEED me to persuade them to go in…I think that means they are ready.

They played and explored and then I made them practice sitting on a carpet spot and sitting with their legs crossed….stuff that they have never had to do before.   While I know they are so excited for school, there are so many things that this will “force” them to do.  Again, happy and sad.  Happy that they will learn new skills in a structured setting and sad that they won’t just have the “freedom” to do as they please {as it is now, they mostly pick their activities here at home, within reason of course…}

We went out to check out the playground and then called it a day!

So very excited for this new adventure for all of us!


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  1. Mom

    I am sharing your feelings – sad and excited!

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