weekend fun.

Well, actually…more like half fun.

We started out the weekend with a visit to daddy’s office for lunch!  The kids had fun exploring, as always.  I also caught them standing in a similar position as a previous visit (about 1.5 years ago)…

I nearly spit out my lunch when I saw this…cause it was so crazy to see the difference in just a “short” amount of time!   

Saturday started out fun when the kids went to do special activities with grandma and grandpa!  Sophia went shopping with grandma and Joshua went to an airplane museum with grandpa….

We then decided to do some errands for several hours.  I should have changed plans when our first stop was full of tantrums which drew a crowd of on lookers.  But I figured it was a fluke and couldn’t get any worse….

Oh but it did.  I will spare you the details, but I will say that these pictures just about summed up the afternoon…

Clara…happy as a clam.  Joshua and Sophia…threenagers!  Oye!  

Thankfully we ended the day on a high note:

Sunday we spent the morning at the park/helping with yard work/making Clara baby food. Then we spent the afternoon at the pool with my family (Greg and Clara stayed home so the baby could sleep)




Partly disaster; partly super fun.  It’s how it goes with kids 🙂


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  1. Mom

    The size difference in the 1st 2 pictures are shocking!!! How do they grow that quickly!? Love the family swim pics and the time grandpa and I had with Joshy and Sophia – and the picture of J & S screaming in the back of the care with Clara smiling just cracks me up!!! Such is life when you are really LIVING!!!

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