Joshua & Sophia :: 3 Years Old

Well….more like 3 years + 3 months, but who’s counting!!?

I recently realized that I have been keeping track of Clara’s monthly happenings way better than I did with Joshy and Fia.  Yes, I took their monthly pictures, but other than, I didn’t keep track of much.  I barely have enough information to start a baby book for them {uhhh, yeah….haven’t done their baby books yet} and I barely remember anything before they were 1.  Such is life.  I feel badly, but I can’t really change it now.

So, in an effort to get into a routine of sharing about these two big kids, I’m going to do an update a few times a year for these kiddos…..just like babies, they change and grow so quickly!

Joshua Edward :::

Mohr Family-15



Play Play Play Play Play Play eat eat eat eat Play Play Play Play Play


As you can see, Joshy is on the go from the moment he wakes up.  Literally.  He doesn’t “slowly” wake up….he wakes up at full speed and doesn’t stop until he goes to bed.  Yes, that means we are done with naps.  I really dreaded the day he stopped taking naps….selfishly, I really enjoyed having some quiet time middle of the day….but the day has come, and we are surviving with a toddler who doesn’t take a nap 🙂  Up until this point, Joshy’s schedule has been kind of loosey goosey.  Some mornings we go to the park, some days we run errands, some days we have an organized activity, sometimes we go on a “field trip”….it really depends, but we really haven’t had much structure, thus far.  That will change when preschool starts, so more on that next time I do an update for the big kids!

Mohr Family-34


Can we say picky eater??  Thankfully, Joshua is a little more willing to try “new” foods because he is very motivated by rewards/treats….aka, an Oreo Cookie (just like his mama!).  But he is still very picky, and has a very small list of foods he LIKES!


  • Sophia–he often tells me that she is his best friend
  • Anything related to building
  • Giving juicy, wet kisses
  • Baby Clara (“Hiiiii little babyyyyyyy” he often says)
  • Trains, trucks, airplanes….anything that moves
  • Dancing
  • Being silly
  • Cuddling with mama before bed
  • Playing outside


  • Sophia being “first” at anything
  • The “yucky” part of the pizza…aka, the crust
  • Timeouts
  • Having to wait


Where to begin with Joshua.  He is such a sweet, energetic, curious and fun boy.  Joshy is so incredibly determined about most things in life…..which can be good and extremely exhausting.  He is strong willed, but also knows how to be flexible.  He is really tender and sweet with his sisters (just today we were sitting on the couch together, watching a show, and several times throughout the show he leaned over to give Fia a kiss).  Joshua is talkative, and likes being your buddy–he’d love to sit and play with you all day….he loves attention and affection.  He asks a lot of questions, and he likes reassurance.  He is probably the source of most of my quickly increasing gray hairs…I wouldn’t call him an “easy” kid….but he has truly taught me so much!  About how to how to be determined and passionate and loving and thoughtful (this kid always wants to buy me flowers when we are shopping–his daddy taught him well).  He is a true joy!

Mohr Family-57

Mohr Family-87

Sophia Jane :::

Mohr Family-8



Play Play Play Play Play Play eat eat eat eat Play Play Play Play Play


Sophia, like Joshua, is on the go most of the day….though, Sophia does tend to start her day off slower and quieter.  Sophia would still take a nap if I let her {in fact, I let her take a nap today, and regretted it at 9:15 when she was STILL awake}…but I don’t.  When she takes a nap, she is up until 9 (or later) at night….this isn’t ideal if I am hoping to accomplish anything else for the evening.

Mohr Family-84


Can we say picky eater??  Yup.  two picky eaters.  Except, Sophia’s pickiness is extreme.  She is very unwilling to try most new foods (even yummy foods, that she doesn’t realize are yummy) and truthfully, we haven’t pushed her much thus far.  We had too many other things we wanted to tackle before we tackled her picky eating, but that will happen in the near future.  Sophia thinks eating snacks should be an hourly activity and often, in her excitement to eat {the same darn thing again} asks for lunch and dinner and dinner at a breakfast.  Food is food, right?


  • Make believe play with Joshy
  • Dancing
  • Singing to music
  • Puzzles
  • Anything electronic
  • Playing with baby Clara
  • Reading books
  • Cuddling
  • Bandaids
  • Swimming


  • Many foods
  • Getting an ouchie
  • Having to wait
  • Being talked to sternly


Sophia has always been our “laid back” kiddo.  She has mostly been super compliment and easy going….until recently.  She isn’t a terror by any means, but she is definitely ready to voice her opinions/likes/dislikes now.  I kind of like this {though it’s very stressful to have two very strong willed kids in the same moment} because I can see her using it positively at times!  Sophia is so, so nurturing and caring and sweet.  She “loves” every animal she comes in contact with, she plays sweetly with Clara baby, and I often find her patting Joshy’s head or back when they are sitting/playing next to each other.  Sophia is also silly and loves to laugh and giggle!  Her laugh is contagious!  She is shy and cautious at times.  l love her sweet and sassy personality.

Mohr Family-47

Mohr Family-11

Joshy & Fia ::: As Twins

Mohr Family-79

We have said {from day 1} that Joshua and Sophia couldn’t be any more different.  It’s really true.  They look nothing like “twins” and they act nothing like “twins.  I love this about them.  Yes, they shared space in the womb together, but being a twin doesn’t define them.  It makes their relationship special, but “twins” isn’t the first thing I think of when I think about J & S.

Mohr Family-39

Mohr Family-24

I also always say that they FIGHT hard, but LOVE harder.  Many moments of the day I will hear them chasing after each other, playing, imagining, giggling and sweetly talking to one another…..but there are also moments when they are pushing, and yelling and fighting over a toy.  I think that’s the nature of having someone who is the same age as you {and trying to learn all the same social things that you’re trying to learn}…I love when I hear them pretending to be puppy {Joshy} and owner {Sophia}….and when they rolling around on the ground giggling with each other.  I don’t love when they take things from each other, and I have to run to “break it up,” but again, they are learning….and this is part of it!  I think what makes my heart beam with joy is when when one of the kids is awake first, and they other says “Where’s Fia??”  or when I am out with one of the kids and as we are driving home I hear, “I miss Joshy…”  They really do have a pretty incredible bond, and while it can be super trying at times, more often than not, it’s just really amazing to see!

Mohr Family-25

Mohr Family-62

Mohr Family-82


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