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Based on how EVERYONE is doing after our first 2 months (ugh, yeah, I am THAT late with this post) of preschool, I think it’s safe to say that I was ready….they were ready…we were ready for this big milestone!

I kid you not, they posed themselves for that first picture…they know the drill with this mama 😉

We had been pondering this preschool thing for a while; should we send the kids to preschool when they are 3? Wait till they are 4? They’ve never done any formal, organized, activity outside of the house….could they handle school? What if they aren’t potty trained in time? Can we afford to send them to preschool?  
Clara was about 2 months old when I realized, after talking with some other moms, that if we are going to consider preschool, we really needed to do it quickly. We had a few recommendations for preschools in the area and we narrowed it down to 2 that I set up tours with. At this point, we still weren’t sure if we WOULD do preschool, but we needed to at least check it out. Around this time I also started realizing that the kids were really bored at home. With a really tiny baby who wanted to eat and be held round the clock, it was really hard for me to keep the kids entertained and content….I tried really hard to do daily activities with them {pre-Clara} but it just wasn’t happening and I could see this was affecting their behavior.  
After the first tour we quickly fell in love with a little preschool that was highly recommended by several people I talked to. I still went to the second tour even though we pretty much had already made up our minds. If I was going to send my kids “out into the world” this preschool was about as close as we could get to “perfect”…close to home, low student/teacher ration, huge classroom, financially doable, and it’s a Christian school (the school is also K-12) so they are instilling Christian values that we believe are really important for our kids. The only down side was that the kids were required to be completely potty trained…..and our kids were no where close to being potty trained….but we moved forward, hoping and praying that everything would fall into place…..or the toilet.    


I still felt a little guilty about being so very excited about them going to school for 2 mornings a week, 3 hours each time. It’s not that I was excited that I would have them “out of my hair…” {although, truthfully, 6 hours a week with just my little baby nugget has been truly wonderful and really needed} but most moms cry and get so sad thinking about sending their kids off to school; I wasn’t really sad. I was excited. I was excited for them to make new friends, for them to learn to sit and listen to someone other than me (or Greg), for them to learn things that I just didn’t have the time or energy to do at home….the list goes on.  
We started talking to the kids about preschool back in May when we officially signed up the kids….the kids were super on board from the start. Very excited about going to school! So thankful for that. Thankfully, everything worked out, Joshua got potty trained at the end of May and Sophia got potty trained at the beginning of August–a sweet 3 weeks before the start of school–we were able to enroll them in the morning sessions, which work really well in terms of Clara’s nap….just a really great fit, all around!  
So the day arrived that they would go to school for the first time; and while I wasn’t SAD about them going to school, I was nervous; I was mostly nervous to know if they would be polite, respectful, compliant children….to know if they were able to manage the bathroom….to know if they would be sad or miss me {or baby Clara for that matter}. I dropped my chickies off to school and there was very little hesitation from the kids. Joshua really wanted me to stay and play with him, but after a little bit he felt ok with me going; Sophia was a little more shy, but she was never upset about being there, and did ok when I gave her a kiss goodbye.


Really, the rest is history. They have an absolutely wonderful teacher, and teacher assistants….they really love going to school….Clara and I get some special mama/baby time {we play and crawl around when we get home, and eat breakfast together} and then I get some mama time alone when Clara is napping {I do fun things like folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, and ONE TIME I took a 45 minutes snooze 😉 }

Both Greg and I are so happy with our decision to start the kids in school and the kids are really happy with the decision, too! We have seen improvements with behavior, and listening {ummmmmm. not always, though….can we say THREENAGERS!!?} And we know they are learning loads of good things….heck, they just told me all about the life cycle of a pumpkin.


Proud of our big kids, and thankful for such a wonderful start to their education experience!  



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