the evolution of the “hug and make up” 

Joshua and Sophia were fighting about something {not really sure what–although I do know it had something to do with a monster, the front door, and being the leader} so I quickly marched them inside to sit on the steps and take a time out.  I set my timer for 2 minutes and told them no talking or moving until then.  That definitely didn’t happen {well at least the moving part} but I ignored it as to not have something else to lecture them about.
After the ding of the 2 minute timer we talked about what to do next time we are in a frustrating predicament.  Then I told them before we could go back outside, they needed to hug and “make up.”
The following is the evolution of the three year old {twin sibling} make up…
It sure was hard not to laugh watching this unfold.  Oh these two 🙂


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