life lately :: Fia & Ballet

Sophia has loved music and dancing for as long as I remember–in fact, when I was pregnant with them, she was the one always bee-bopping around in there when I would blast Pop music!

We never really told Sophia specifically about “ballet” but somehow she started talking about ballet and ballerinas and tutus.  She talked about it a lot!  I think she was just over two when I started looking around for a dance class for her;  but I never found a place that would take kids before 3 years!  So we just danced around the house and wore a lot of tutus in the meantime!

This girl can spin and twirl and move her hips like a pro!  When the fall Community Education catalog came out this summer I couldn’t register her fast enough!  

Sophia started ballet at the beginning of October and is having an absolute blast!  She is so proud of her beautiful ballerina clothes, and the little bag that she carries over her should which holds her ballet shoes.  She happily bids the family farewell when it’s time to go to class…”Ok!  Bye daddy….I am going to ballet….ok, bye Joshy and Clara!  See you after ballet!!”  She is giddy {all while practicing her spins and twirls} when we wait outside of the studio for class to start.  And each week she runs out of class BEAMING with pride for completing another week of dance!

It makes me so happy that she loves this so much!  She is typically “go with the flow” and not {quite} as vocal about her interests, so seeing her so passionate {yes, I realize that is a strong word for a 3 year old in dance class–but it’s true!} about ballet is just so, so fun!

Our tiny dancer…



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  1. Debbie

    Every child is born with unique gifts and talents…. it’s the observant parent who can detect them and encourage them! It’s going to be so much fun to see Fia and all of the children grow up using the gifts and talents God has given them!!!

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