Halloween Fun!

We like to drag holidays out…well, I like to drag them out!  I like doing all the festivities leading up to holidays and celebrating as much as possible!

For Halloween this week we did a few fun things …

Trunk or Treat at our church…

Then of course preschool costume day…

Sophia had a second {last minute, homemade} costume because wearing a unicorn was a little hard to maneuver at school 🙂

We also went to a trick or treat parade at the gym …

And of course the grand finale of actual Halloween evening trick or treating!

To say they got a lot of candy is an understatement.  However, I successfully weeded out the candy and gave each bucket the same exact candy {it must be fair, of course} and I convinced them of a system for candy consumption.  Each morning they can pick two pieces of candy to put in a small bowl and they can decide when they want to eat it; but when it’s gone for the day, it’s gone!  Usually it’s gone by 10 am.  We had a lot of fun!
I got a few pics of the kids in costumes when it was warm, and sunny…before they had to be bundled up because of the dark, rainy evening…

{the year of the Dragon, Unicorn, and Fairy}


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