life lately :: Clara on the MOVE

This little lady is keeping me on my toes …

Life has been a bit more busy because this little body has been on the move!  She has been army crawling since she turned 6 months, but it was relatively easy to catch her since her army crawl was still relatively slow.  But as of a few weeks ago, she decided to ditch the army crawl and go for the full on crawl–the speedy crawl!  She also shortly after figured out how to pull herself up and, well, the rest is history….

She is especially loving her new freedom to play with brother and sister, and her ability to snack on any and all items she finds on the floor {insert mama freaking out all day long}.  

While it is much more work to have a mobile baby and two very mobile toddlers, it is a lot of fun to watch!  

Happy moving and grooving, baby girl!


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