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Clara Ann :: 10 months

Double digits!  Wow!


Clara’s schedule really hasn’t changed this past month. I’m hoping she sticks to this lovely little schedule for several more months…thanks in advance, Clara 🙂

6:00–Wake Up + Bottle


8:30-10:00– Bottle + Nap #1 



1:30-3:00–Bottle + Nap #2 



6:30–Bedtime Bottle + Goodnight
Feedings have stayed pretty much the same, this month too! Clara typically gets about 24-28 oz of formula each day (I thought this was low because one of the nurse practitioners told me she should get about 32 oz…but our pediatrician said that’s a great amount and she’s gaining weight well, so no need to change that). Other than that she typically gets 3 meals each day. Breakfast often consists of yogurt and some cereal (we have this cereal that pretty much looks like Cherrios but it’s made out of 3 or 4 kinds of beans!!) or some fruit or really whatever it is I’m making for myself/the kids that morning! Lunch is some fruit, some cheese, some veggie, again, whatever I can throw at her fast enough to keep her happy. At dinner I’ve basically just been feeding her off our plate. There really hasn’t been anything that she hasn’t liked or refused to eat. This is really different than the big kids when they were this age. We never sat down as a family to eat when they were this little; we always waited to eat until they went to bed….but now that we eat super early, Clara gets to join in on the dinner time action which has been great for her! Keep up the good eating, baby girl!  
You know, at this point, the big kids were sleeping through the night every single night. It didn’t really matter if they were sick, or teething, they slept. I’m not sure how it happened, but it did. Of course all babies are different (as I am always having to tell myself:)) but it has been a little bit of a surprise that Clara hasn’t followed in the big kids’ footsteps since we really haven’t done anything differently. I will say that she sleeps really well for the most part. If she is healthy (no stuffy/runny noses) and she isn’t teething, she sleeps great. The good thing is that if she does wake up, often times, eventually, she’ll fall back asleep. In fact, last night she woke up, I went in and held her for a few minutes, but she seemed to want to be put down, so I laid her in her bed and watched her on the monitor…as I was watching, she stood up and peered over the side of the crib, she rolled around, she sat up and leaned against the wall of the crib and I even think she fell asleep sitting up??? She was still for so long and never moved…then eventually I looked and she had laid back down. Regardless, she is good at figuring it out! Clara does tend to cry right when we leave the room, and we are always crossing our fingers she is able to self soothe and fall asleep, but typically she does! Still taking 2 naps, though her afternoon nap is a bit more flexible now. She is usually ready for her morning nap within 2 hours of waking up, but the afternoon nap can be 3 or even 4 hours after she wakes up and she is ok. Overall, she is a good sleeper and while she may not be sleeping as well, consistently, as the big kids were at this age, I really can’t complain!

  • Baby Einstein on youtube (she will only watch it, however, if she is strapped into her highchair :)) . She usually watches about 15 minutes when I am getting dinner ready, otherwise, she has no interest in TV.
  • Blueberries…She gobbles those things up so fast!
  • Climbing on the big kids’ soft reading chairs and falling off…no, seriously, she purposely tumbles off. She makes me so nervous. Ha!
  • Tylenol. I know that sounds weird, but she actually enjoys if we give her some tylenol when her teeth are bothering her; she used to hate it!
  • Tooth brushing


  • Being put in her carseat. Come on girl, we just got your a deluxe new seat, start liking it!
  • Getting her diaper changed.


  • Baby’s first (and hopefully last) time in the back of a police car when we were in the accident
  • Hair long enough for two real piggie tails
  • Standing unassisted for a few seconds


Clara is seriously a joy!  Always making us smile!  Happy 10 months sweet girl!




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25 days of Christmas :: Christmas Day!

One of our tots was up at 5:45 at our bedside, asking if he could go down and see if Santa at the cookies.  I convinced him to go back to his room and watch a show on the iPad for a little while until the girls woke up.  He agreed and the rest of us got about 45 mins of sleep out of it 😉

Once the girls were up we all snuggled in our bed and read the story of Jesus’ birth and then headed down to open presents!   

We loaded up the car and headed over to my parents to spend the day with the fam!  We had a really fun time!

Merry Christmas!

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25 days of Christmas :: day 24

Christmas Eve!

We didn’t have a lot planned during the day, so we mostly just hung out and did a few errands.  One fun thing we did www to have the kids pick out gifts for each other {very small gifts, although Joshua was super drawn to all the $75 items for Sophia :)}. I don’t have any pictures but it was really fun to see them browse and contemplate!

We also spent a lot of Christmas Eve making these videos….

Then we met up with my family at church for a Christmas Eve service and then we hosted dinner at our place after!  Great to spend time with everyone!

Before the kids went to bed we made sure to put out some cookies, milk and carrots! 

After everyone left and the house was cleaned up, I set up camp to wrap gifts; yes, I waited until the very last minute this year :). The kids got one “Santa gift” which we left unwrapped…I loved wrapping and anticipating their excitement the next morning!

…we rolled into bed and got a quick 6 hours of sleep before we were awoken to the pitter patter of little, excited feet!  

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25 days of Christmas :: day 23

Today we few fun advent activities!

We started out our morning with green, sprinkle Christmas pancakes to celebrate Greg’s first day of Christmas vacation!!!



Then while Clara baby was taking her morning nap, the big kids helped me bake another batch of cookies–this time, we packaged the cookies to take to the assisted living place that my grandma lived at before she passed away. We stopped by a few apartments to visit with some of her friends and we also handed out cookies to the residents who were in the lobby!  Sophia was super into it and LOVED getting the boxes of cookies and cards and giving hugs and saying merry Christmas!  Joshy was a bit more reserved this time.  It was really a blessing to do something so simple that so clearly brightened the residents day!


I didn’t take pictures of the residence but you get the idea :). It was really special.

While we were there my mom was telling us {Greg and me} that some of the residents literally have no family …I didn’t think the kids were listening but when we were saying prayers at bedtime, we prayed for our “friends” that we visited today.  After we prayed Joshy said, “mama, some of our friends have no family…”  And I said, “I know buddy, maybe that means we should go visit them more so we can help them feel happy…”  And he replied, “I know, mama, we could be their family…and we could share some of our toys with them…that would make them happy!!”

It made my heart so happy to see the kiddos in action today!!!


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25 days of Christmas :: whatever day it is…

 So just as the craziness of the car situation was wrapping up, I dropped my phone in the bathtub.  And yes, it was FULL of water.  Clara tipped back and went under just as I was dialing Greg’s number.  I was sitting on the stool right by the tub so the minute she tipped back I  threw my phone and grabbed her.  Surprisingly she wasn’t phased at all–my phone on the other hand…

After leaving it in rice for 2 days and talking to tech support, it was evident that phone was fried.  And because I am horrible at backing up photos, that means months September through November were also toast.  You can imagine how deveatated I was.  I know they are just pictures.  I know it could be a lot worse.  Yes I am thankful the baby is okay.  But I am still really sad that I lost all those videos and pictures.  I always lay in bed, after the long crazy and hectic days, and scroll through pictures and videos because it reminds me just how much I love my long, crazy, hectic days…I am always SO READY for their kids but about an hour after they are asleep I miss them and I love seeing their sweet little faces on my camera.

This is a lot of rambling.  The point is that I have been totally awful about documenting our advent activities because 1. We skipped several due to all the car commotion and 2. I took zero pictures when I was without a phone.  

Ah well.  So I’ll fill you in a bit…

We have attended a Christmas ballet recital for Sophia, we have read more Christmas books, we have had our first Christmas gathering of the year — with Greg’s family in town!  We have also decorated Christmas cards and “mailed” them out, donated money for Christmas gifts for Jude, a child we sponsor in Africa.  Does eating Christmas cookies count as an activity?  Cause we have been doing that a lot.  I know I have forgotten some but you get the idea!  

A few more days of advent activities!  Let the festivities continue!

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25 days of Christmas :: day 17

Today’s activity…Pre-School Christmas program!

We had a cute little angel {aka Fairy, in Joshua’s eyes} and a adorable camel!

But just as I am about to post pictures I am thinking I shouldn’t since other people’s kids are in the  shots.  Bummer.  I have one of just Joshua but not one of just Sophia…

You’ll just have to trust me.  It was adorable and hilarious!

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25 days of Christmas :: day 16

Well, we started our activity yesterday and it was a big old flop due to a certain two toddlers who were fighting over the activity and in general, being rather difficult about it all.  So, mommy the Grinch, took away said activity with a huff and a puff.  We will save it for another day and try again 🙂


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