25 days of Christmas :: day 1

I am back with a lofty goal:  a post a day leading up until Christmas to document our fun Advent countdown!

Background… I have seen tons of people doing Elf on the Shelf with their kids–we even got an adorable book and doll as a gift–in fact the kids enjoy reading that book year round–but as I was pinning ideas for this new tradition, I realized I just don’t have the creativity or time to pose a doll in some clever way every single night.  24 times.  I know I would be running to the craft store daily gathering supplies because I HAD to do that cute EOTS idea but I didn’t have the right supplies to execute.  So Elfie will still sit out on the mantel but he won’t be getting into shenanigans daily.  

Instead I decided to do an advent count down…each day we will read a Bible verse that tells the Christmas story.  Then we will pull something out of our advent sock calendar–a little activity, a piece of Christmas candy, a note with instructions for something to do.  Yea, this still creates some work for me, but many of the days will have activities of things we would already be doing during the holiday–and some days will have things we haven’t done yet, but are really important to us!

So here we go.  Day 1….

Today we read our verse and then the note in the sock said to read a new Christmas book!  The kids had fun reading the story (brought all the way from England–thank you grandma V for tracking it down for us:))–they especially loved the “fairy” in the last picture….aka, Angel!

Excited to build in a tradition and memories with our sweet little ones!



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2 responses to “25 days of Christmas :: day 1

  1. Rochelle

    What a wonderful tradition, teaching the true meaning of Christmas!

  2. Debbie

    There is nothing better a family can do than to build traditions! I love what you are doing!!!

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