25 days of Christmas :: day 2

Day 2 and I was already scrambling to get our activity prepared.  

Today was Sophia’s turn to take down the sock and pull out the contents!   
Joshua was totally fine with this until he realized he didn’t get to take one down as well…

After some tears, he cheered up and I told them about our activity!  

The kids have really been into practicing with their scissors lately, so earlier in the day when they were cutting black paper into tiny bits and leaving trails of the tiny paper all over the floor, I was sitting on the couch cutting some snow flakes to decorate!  

Here is where the scrambling comes in…I had the kids at the table waiting while I brought the supplies over.  I was certain we had glitter.  So I searched and searched.  We don’t have glitter….enter mommy scrambling.  My solution:  blue and silver sprinkles.  Duh.  

So we put glue all over their snowflakes and then glittered/sprinkled them up!

The kids had fun and never caught on that they were crafting with sugar.  Win!

Finished products + one we made for Clara baby who was napping during this activity! 

Now to find the string to hang them up….


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