25 days of Christmas :: day 3

Day 3, right?

I think I am already losing track…

Today was a busy day.  School…IKEA …lunch…baby nap…WHICH ONLY LAST 40 MINUTES…early dinner and then dance for Fia with all kids in tow since Greg had to work late.  Needless to say, as we were rolling into the house at 6:30, I quickly remembered we hadn’t done our activity.  And I HAD to do it because Joshua would be so disappointed if we didn’t.  

So I had the kids gather at the mantel, and I quickly stuffed the sock with our bible verse and clue….

The clue told us {aka, I read from the blank back of the card} to go find a new book by the small Christmas tree in the foyer…

So they ran over and found the book “That’s Not My Snowman”…it really is for younger kids but they seriously love the predictability of the book and finding the cute little mouse on each page.  Thanks to my part time “job” {ah, yes, another “life lately” post to share} we are enjoying so many amazing kids’ books, this one included.

As we were heading upstairs to read the book, Joshy said, “oops, mama, haha….you forgot the treat inside the sock….”  That I did, my boy.  I’m not sure where he got the idea that there had to be a treat inside, but he takes after his mama, so I quickly slide a couple of cookies into the sock for us to enjoy while reading the book {hey, thanks IKEA!}

We are loving this time of the year!  


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