25 days of Christmas :: day 23

Today we few fun advent activities!

We started out our morning with green, sprinkle Christmas pancakes to celebrate Greg’s first day of Christmas vacation!!!



Then while Clara baby was taking her morning nap, the big kids helped me bake another batch of cookies–this time, we packaged the cookies to take to the assisted living place that my grandma lived at before she passed away. We stopped by a few apartments to visit with some of her friends and we also handed out cookies to the residents who were in the lobby!  Sophia was super into it and LOVED getting the boxes of cookies and cards and giving hugs and saying merry Christmas!  Joshy was a bit more reserved this time.  It was really a blessing to do something so simple that so clearly brightened the residents day!


I didn’t take pictures of the residence but you get the idea :). It was really special.

While we were there my mom was telling us {Greg and me} that some of the residents literally have no family …I didn’t think the kids were listening but when we were saying prayers at bedtime, we prayed for our “friends” that we visited today.  After we prayed Joshy said, “mama, some of our friends have no family…”  And I said, “I know buddy, maybe that means we should go visit them more so we can help them feel happy…”  And he replied, “I know, mama, we could be their family…and we could share some of our toys with them…that would make them happy!!”

It made my heart so happy to see the kiddos in action today!!!



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  1. Mom Ventura

    It was such a blessing to visit with the residents and share some time and love with them! So thankful that the kids would like to go back to visit again. I was thinking the same thing! Let’s make it a regular date!!!

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