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miss busy

Clara baby is such a busy baby!  I remember when I was pregnant, she was so active and my doctor joked that the baby was going to keep me on my toes!

That’s an understatement 🙂



I am pretty sure she is one of the {three} reasons more and more gray hairs are popping up…. 


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puppy love

A couple weeks ago my sister and I took the big kids to go play with puppies.
There really isn’t much more adorable than giggly kids and hyper puppies!

Greg always jokes that puppies and boats are the same idea…you love it when your friends have one, you can enjoy it from time to time, but you can go home without the work.  Every time I see puppies I want them all!  But then I realize I can barely keep up with my kids let alone a hyper puppy!  So for now we will just enjoy visiting with the puppies!

And just for giggles…


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sick daysssssss

Our poor little babies have been through the winter germ ringer!  

After I thought we were in the clear with the runny noses and coughs, Sophia came down with a virus which included a high fever for a full week.  I finally took her to the pediatrician after day 4 and she said she checked out fine and to give it another day or two…sure enough, two days later, the fever was gone and our little lady had perked back up!  

A day or two passed and I was hopeful it has missed Joshua.  The very next day he came down with a high fever.  He was just miserable; Sophia was miserable, but Joshua was worse.  After 3 days of a fever that didn’t really let up, even with meds, I took his temp and it read 104; I decided to take him to urgent care rather than wait for Monday to see our Doctor.  I’m glad I did because little buddy had a double ear infection 😦

After a few days on antibiotics his fever went away and just in the last day he seems to be back to his {mostly} happy self.

I’m holding my breathe and praying that Clara stays healthy!  

A few boogers won’t get this girl down…

Adios germs!

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Post Holi-Daze

I have noticed that the holidays often leave us in a daze…between lots of family gatherings (which are great, by the way) and weird schedules and late bedtimes {adults included} and way too much sugar, etc. etc, being in a funk is bound to happen!
This holiday season was no exception!  We had a wonderful time celebrating over the course of December, but I could tell, the day after Christmas, we were in for some serious post holiday crabbiness!
The kids were all out of sorts and rather irritable, which is always super fun.  And to top it off they were brewing a nasty upper respiratory virus {which I am sure only added to everything}….so, 3 kids + 2 adults coming down from sensory overload and 3 kids + 2 adults coming down with a virus…it has left me little time to stop by my little space on the Internet.

I’m hopeful with a low key weekend ahead and kids that seem to be on the mend {at least 2/3 of them} we will be back to normal by next week!
Until then… 

I know, girl, I want to be back in bed too!

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