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weekend fun

Man.  I really can’t remember the last “fun” weekend we have had.  Ha!  That sounds bad but seriously.  Between back to back ear infections for all 3 kids…back to back week long fevers for all kids…and then Joshua’s surgery/recovery…its been brutal.  Kind of shocked we have survived in one piece.
But, this weekend was fun and “normal”….hallelujah!

We started the weekend with playing in the snow!  The weather was gorgeous.  Snowy but warm sun!  


Then we got crazy on Saturday morning and made rainbow pancakes …




We played, ran some errands, had some stretches of one on one time with the kids, got ice cream with Aunt Ede and got lots of laundry done…




And probably the highlight??!  Watching the big kids run and splash through puddles and giggle and then do it over and over again…


Oh, and my handyman hubby installed a new light in the kitchen…and brought me fresh flowers!  Love him!


Thankful for a weekend of more laughs and smiles than tears and tantrums!  Just what we needed!


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T&A removal–part 1

Joshua used to be THE MOST sound sleeper. We always joked about how as soon as his head hit the pillow, we didn’t hear a peep out of him until 12 hours later…no tossing and turning, no waking up, just deep, deep sleep. Then at some point (I’m thinking sometime this summer?) we started noticing he wasn’t sleeping soundly. He was waking up at night and he just didn’t seem rested during the day. As the days passed, we noticed more things….he was snoring (and REALLY loudly) all night…he was constantly breathing through his mouth…he was falling asleep within seconds of getting in the car…he was coughing (like a dry cough) all the time…he was waking many times a night…he had some sleep apnea tendencies (though he never had a formal sleep study–just our observations)…he was so crabby and irritable and just always seemed unrested.  

It started getting really noticeable around Christmas time and I was randomly telling my sister about it. She consulted doctor Google and a lot of what she saw/read indicated that he definitely was having bouts of sleep apnea and that can be a result of the tonsils. I quickly checked in with a group of super mama’s (my Mom’s of Multiples group–they seriously have answers for EVERYTHING–such a wealth of knowledge) and very quickly I was getting responses to my inquiry. Confirming over and over that yes, this happened to my child, and yes they got their tonsils removed, and yes it made a WORLD of difference.  
I made an appointment with our pediatrician who did a quick exam of Joshua’s tonsils and didn’t notice anything super abnormal but recommended us to a pediatric ENT. I got a call the next day from them and they had an appointment cancellation for the following day so we could get in right away–I had anticipated needing to wait several weeks at least. I jumped on the appointment opening and in we went. The ENT took a look at Joshua’s tonsils and confirmed that they were larger than normal–large enough that she would recommend a T & A–Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. The doctor said that typically if they remove one, they remove both to avoid the need to do a second surgery for the other after the fact. We could have shoved a camera down Joshua’s nose for her to check on his adenoids but since his tonsils already needed to come out, there was no need to look at his adenoids now; she would do that during the surgery.  


We scheduled surgery for a month later and held our breath that whole month hoping and praying that he didn’t get sick or a fever–if he had a fever over 101 we would have to reschedule. And at this point, we were barely getting any sleep due to his lack of sleep, so we just wanted to get the show on the road. Thankfully he stayed healthy enough to keep surgery for the scheduled date–February 10th!

Aunt Ede is a preschool director so she has a song and a book for every child related situation–including a Tonsillectomy. She found a book for Joshua that talks about a little boy named Danny who had to have his tonsils out; it was pretty descriptive and straight forward. I wasn’t planning to show it to Joshua until right before his surgery but he found it in the office and asked to read it; so we read it and didn’t make a big deal out of it. About 2 days before his actual surgery we started talking to him about how he has a hard time sleeping and how the doctor that looked in his mouth wants to take his tonsils out like Danny (the book) so that he can sleep better. We also discussed how he could eat lots of ice cream and popsicles like Danny and generally he was really understanding and ok with everything. We only gave him little bits of information as he needed them–I just didn’t want him to overthink things and then worry. He really did awesome with taking in the info, asking what he was curious about, but not dwelling on it!  


We ate pizza the night before surgery and just let him go to town–usually we would regulate the intake of pizza to intake of other things ratio, but that night we were like…eat whatever…fill up 🙂 At one point I said to Greg, “I kind of want to wake him up at 11 pm and feed him breakfast so he’s not so hungry in the morning….” and Joshy must have heard me and said, “No mama….silly….I can’t eat breakfast….” He was taking it all in AND keeping me in check 😉

Surgery day and recovery to come….
{Spoiler Alert} RECOVERY SUCKS

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big kids

The kids always look older after a haircut….this most recent cut is no exception!
We were waiting to go into their classroom yesterday and they just looked so “big.”  So I told them to smile so I could take a picture….
Gotta love the fake, cheesy smiles ;). These kids sure are growing and changing all the time!
Clara didn’t want to be left out of the picture taking action 🙂

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farmy fun

Since the weather has been so mild the last few days, we took a trip to the farm to see the animals!  We were the only ones there (come on people, it was a perfect afternoon to be outside) and enjoyed the animals as usual!  Joshy and Fia showed Clara how to feed the animals and how to pet them.  This was probably the first time we have been that Clara has been intrigued….

Love the farm and love that they love it just as much (if not more!)

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oh the weather outside is…balmy

I am really NOT a winter gal; so the mild winter we have been having has been quite lovely!  It was nearly 50 over the weekend and we went out for a family walk.  It was so nice to be in the fresh air ….and having all the kids buckled into strollers wasn’t bad either 😉


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Clara Ann :: 11 months

A few days late….what’s new 🙂


Clara’s schedule is predictable and pretty great; there are challenges with a very scheduled baby (and she is way LESS scheduled than the big kids, even)…we have very short windows of time to get out and do things without fearing she will get tired and cranky or even worse–fall asleep in the car! At the same time, I don’t have to really guess when those windows are…we know them and try to stick to them pretty closely so that everyone is happy!

6:30–Wake Up 


8:30-10:00– Bottle + Nap #1 



1:30-3:00–Bottle + Nap #2 



6:30/7:00–Bedtime Bottle + Goodnight


Clara is our little puppy….she eats anything and everything off the floor. I vacuum the floor several times a day but she still FINDS food and gobbles it right up…lovely. Otherwise, Clara loves fruits, veggies, meat, cheese, pretty much everything. There have been a few things that we’ve given her that she spits out, but then she usually gives it another try and by the second time, she’s enjoying it! 3 bottles a day, 24 oz. total. Once in a while she’ll wake up around 4 am and take a small bottle, but that’s rare. She’s eating well and her chubby thighs are showing for it!  

Well, in the last month, Clara has really stepped up her sleeping game. As I mentioned before, the big kids were way more consistent in their sleep patterns by Clara’s age; well apparently someone read that blog post to Clara and she decided to show us! She’s napping and sleeping at night really well! The only sleep snafu tends to be that after I lay her down for naps, she throws her pacifier out and then stands and fusses for it. But once I get that for her, she lays down and goes to sleep. This month poor baby was sick so she had a few rough sleeps, but overall not bad! One funny sleep story….I had put Clara down for a nap one day and she was talking and talking and then it turned into fussing so I was watching her on the monitor. It slowly started getting quite but she was still sitting up in her crib so I went about my business, but all of the sudden I heard a loud bang….she had fallen asleep sitting up and tipped back and hit the back of the crib. That woke her up and she sat back up and fell asleep again, but this time, tipped forward and fell asleep sitting up facing the rails of the crib. It was so adorable but I couldn’t leave her like that for an entire nap. So one I knew she was out I went in and laid her down. Little love 🙂



  • Walking! She is so proud of herself when she walks!  
  • Pretend talking on the phone “Hiiii dada….byeeeee”
  • Eating Graham Crackers like the big kids
  • Attacking the big kids’ toys
  • Taking showers


  • Pink Eye eye drops
  • Getting nose wiped


  • Standing up from sitting, all on her own
  • First steps–she’s getting more confident and daring every day
  • First ear infection and pink eye 😦


Happy 11 months!!!!  You are getting so big but you will always be Clara BABY!  
Outtakes 🙂


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