Clara Ann :: 11 months

A few days late….what’s new 🙂


Clara’s schedule is predictable and pretty great; there are challenges with a very scheduled baby (and she is way LESS scheduled than the big kids, even)…we have very short windows of time to get out and do things without fearing she will get tired and cranky or even worse–fall asleep in the car! At the same time, I don’t have to really guess when those windows are…we know them and try to stick to them pretty closely so that everyone is happy!

6:30–Wake Up 


8:30-10:00– Bottle + Nap #1 



1:30-3:00–Bottle + Nap #2 



6:30/7:00–Bedtime Bottle + Goodnight


Clara is our little puppy….she eats anything and everything off the floor. I vacuum the floor several times a day but she still FINDS food and gobbles it right up…lovely. Otherwise, Clara loves fruits, veggies, meat, cheese, pretty much everything. There have been a few things that we’ve given her that she spits out, but then she usually gives it another try and by the second time, she’s enjoying it! 3 bottles a day, 24 oz. total. Once in a while she’ll wake up around 4 am and take a small bottle, but that’s rare. She’s eating well and her chubby thighs are showing for it!  

Well, in the last month, Clara has really stepped up her sleeping game. As I mentioned before, the big kids were way more consistent in their sleep patterns by Clara’s age; well apparently someone read that blog post to Clara and she decided to show us! She’s napping and sleeping at night really well! The only sleep snafu tends to be that after I lay her down for naps, she throws her pacifier out and then stands and fusses for it. But once I get that for her, she lays down and goes to sleep. This month poor baby was sick so she had a few rough sleeps, but overall not bad! One funny sleep story….I had put Clara down for a nap one day and she was talking and talking and then it turned into fussing so I was watching her on the monitor. It slowly started getting quite but she was still sitting up in her crib so I went about my business, but all of the sudden I heard a loud bang….she had fallen asleep sitting up and tipped back and hit the back of the crib. That woke her up and she sat back up and fell asleep again, but this time, tipped forward and fell asleep sitting up facing the rails of the crib. It was so adorable but I couldn’t leave her like that for an entire nap. So one I knew she was out I went in and laid her down. Little love 🙂



  • Walking! She is so proud of herself when she walks!  
  • Pretend talking on the phone “Hiiii dada….byeeeee”
  • Eating Graham Crackers like the big kids
  • Attacking the big kids’ toys
  • Taking showers


  • Pink Eye eye drops
  • Getting nose wiped


  • Standing up from sitting, all on her own
  • First steps–she’s getting more confident and daring every day
  • First ear infection and pink eye 😦


Happy 11 months!!!!  You are getting so big but you will always be Clara BABY!  
Outtakes 🙂



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