weekend fun

Man.  I really can’t remember the last “fun” weekend we have had.  Ha!  That sounds bad but seriously.  Between back to back ear infections for all 3 kids…back to back week long fevers for all kids…and then Joshua’s surgery/recovery…its been brutal.  Kind of shocked we have survived in one piece.
But, this weekend was fun and “normal”….hallelujah!

We started the weekend with playing in the snow!  The weather was gorgeous.  Snowy but warm sun!  


Then we got crazy on Saturday morning and made rainbow pancakes …




We played, ran some errands, had some stretches of one on one time with the kids, got ice cream with Aunt Ede and got lots of laundry done…




And probably the highlight??!  Watching the big kids run and splash through puddles and giggle and then do it over and over again…


Oh, and my handyman hubby installed a new light in the kitchen…and brought me fresh flowers!  Love him!


Thankful for a weekend of more laughs and smiles than tears and tantrums!  Just what we needed!


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  1. Debbie

    So thankful for a great weekend and warmer weather!

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