weekend fun-ish.

Parts of this past weekend were fun but parts were brutal.  Thank you daylight savings for contributing to the cause.  
Friday evening we started  with snuggles and sassy faces….


Saturday the boys went to the Lowes kids’ workshop and Joshua got to make his dream toy; a monster machine!  The girls and I spent the morning at home!

Later in the afternoon some family came over to watch basketball so Ede and I took the kiddos to the farm and then finished out the night at church!
Sunday rolled around very early.  The kids went to bed late on Saturday night due to church and that always leads to bad sleep; I think our first riser was awake at 5 am?? Aye.  It was kind of downhill from there.  Everyone was crabby, everyone was whining, lots of meltdowns, lots of tears….it was rough.
But as we were getting the kids ready for bed (above all of the noise) Greg and I had a revelation; when we have those kinds of days, it’s not because we are awful parents or because we have awful kids…its just part of life…part of being a parent and having kids.  We often try to solve the “issue” that causes the challenging moments but I think we have come to the conclusion that we don’t have to beat ourselves when we have really hard days (in the world of raising kids).  We learn from those days and that’s what’s important!  
So with that, here is a happy picture from our weekend; not because the whole weekend was perfect and great but because we are learning from the hard moments and celebrating the happy ones!


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  1. Debbie

    Life with kids is so unpredictable and you are wise to just KNOW that what comes doesn’t have anything to do with you OR them…. it just is what family looks like sometimes. Being able to just look at it and accept it – makes for a lot less stress!

    And I LOVE Joshy’s Lowe’s apron! Did he get to keep it??

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