I love Easter!  Just like Christmas, having a REASON to celebrate just makes a holiday that much more meaningful and wonderful!  Yesterday was no exception as we were woken up to beautifully sun filled skies as we reflected on the sacrifice of the cross and the miracle of the resurrection!  Thankful for a holiday that signifies the reason we live!
We spent the morning dying eggs, going to church and then back home for brunch with my family!  The kids had fun with an Easter egg hunt (even Clara baby was way into it) and then we spent the rest of the day running around outside!
After the kids had dinner and were bathed we took balloons from Clara’s party outside and let the kids watch them float away (I was so tired of the kids running around with them in the house)…as they sat there and watched the balloons I was reminded of a song often sung on Easter Sunday…

There in the ground His body lay / Light of the world by darkness slain / Then bursting forth in glorious Day / Up from the grave He rose again

Happy Easter to all!



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  1. Aunt Urith Ellen

    Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a Happy Easter. Yes, it is a Very Special Day.

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