Clara’s FIRST birthday celebration(s)

We celebrated Clara’s birthday on the actual date, as a family!  It ended up being a really snowy day so Greg worked from how which allowed him to pop in and enjoy a bit more of the day with us than normal!

Last night as a baby….tomorrow you will be a 1 year old, sweet girl.  JK.  You are going to be a baby forever.  Got it?!!!


We got all ready to celebrate our big girl…
We started her birthday with a big pile of donuts–duh!  We let her open a present and then she was ready for nap after all that commotion!
After a good nap she was ready party like it was her birthday!  I took the kids to a local kid playland and then planned to meet Greg for lunch after; Clara had fun but let’s just say lunch plans were squashed when our threenage tots were a little less than fantastic on our outing (keep in mind we were still in the post-surgery phase for Joshua-I should have known better)…

Clara ended the day with pizza and reading in her birthday suit!


Fast forward a month!  We finally got to celebrate Clara with our friends and family this past weekend!  It was a fun, simple gathering celebrating our little dear!







As you can see we had a little woodland theme going on and it turned out just as I had pictured!  So sweet for our little girl!







It was a super fun time!  Clara was very aware that it was all about her.  She would just stand in the middle of everyone and turn around in a circle making sure everyone still had their eyes on her :). I was also very impressed and proud of the big kids for really letting the day be about Clara.  They tend to like the spotlight but they did a really good job of being as patient as humanly possibly when it came to cake, presents and all the attention Clara was getting!

And just as the song goes….
It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…cry, the birthday girl did!  Something about mama putting icing in her mouth set her off.   But don’t let this picture fool you….she had a blast; we are so thankful that our families and friends could be with us to celebrate!


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