you choose dinner 

We have been implementing a menu with the kids because we were struggling with a lot of resistance at dinner if we weren’t having what the kids wanted {minus Clara….she wants every food}.  This includes every meal of the week so that they can say “what are we having tomorrow” and it won’t be a huge surprise when the meal is being served.  We still have resistance with actually eating some of the foods on the menu, but at least we aren’t having full blown melt downs because WE ARE NOT HAVING CHICKEN NUGGETS?????!  
Thursday nights I feed the kids pretty early because Sophia has dance and as soon as Greg gets home we do a switch of duty and we are off; since it’s so early I really have zero time to get anything of significance prepped, so I decided to turn Thursday’s dinner menu to a “You Choose” meal…this means exactly what it sounds like; you choose, and I’ll make it for you!  
I did this to simply Thursday evenings, but it’s not only simplifies things {since they always choose something super easy for me to throw on their plates} but it gives back a little control to them and makes them feel involved in decision making, even if it is a super small decision.  
Here’s the You Choose meal for tonight; protein packed strawberry pancakes, bananas and yogurt.  Not bad kids, not bad…


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  1. Debbie

    Great idea mama!!! Kind of like “You’re off the hook” dinners we had once in a while!

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