weekend fun

Lots of catching up to do…but I’ll start with a quick weekend recap!
We started the weekend with outside playtime and playdoh, on Friday!  Shockingly everyone played nicely enough that I could sit back and watch for a few minutes!  

Then off to the races for a busy weekend.  We had a dress rehearsal on Friday evening for Sophias first recital…pretty much the most hilarious and cute thing ever….

Then Saturday morning we got ready for a busy day!  First we went to the Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk that was in town!  So great to be able to support our sister (in law:)) as well as all those who live with CF!!!   Thank you to all our friends and family who supported this extremely important cause!

Then we rushed home (while I was watching the hands on the clock ticking away) and had a grand total of 15 minutes to change clothes, get Sophia’s hair in a ballerina bun (aye….the sock bun tutorial on YouTube looked way easier than it was!!!), costume on and out the door (oh and scarf down lunch).  It was so fun to go see Sophia’s first recital!  I was a little unsure how she would do because she can be really shy and not enjoy the spotlight.  But she did great and really had a blast!!!  So sweet to watch that little girl up on stage!  Cutest little Purple People Eaters in town!  

Part way through the program (after Fia’s dance), Joshy and Aunt Ede were off to meet Uncle James and his parents/niece to see Thomas!  Joshy had a blast!  What a lucky boy to have some special time 🙂

While they were away we took the girls to dinner with my parents….but I don’t have any pictures of that because I was busy wrangling my crazy 15 month old–we have hit the “it’s not fun to take this baby out to eat…”  She just wanted to walk around and open cupboard and eat edamame off the ground.

Today was a bit more relaxed!   We hung out, went to church, library time and we all took a glorious Sunday afternoon nap. The kids haven’t napped in almost a year.  But I really wanted to sleep and I somehow convinced them we were all going to nap when Clara took her afternoon nap.  It was fantastic.  Until they were awake till 8:30/9:00 tonight (which feels crazy late since they are usually in bed at 6:30, otherwise)….

Ended the day with a little crazy dance party hoping it would tire them out….no such luck….


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